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Tree Felling & Tree Removal

What is Tree Felling?

Tree felling, also known as tree cutting or tree chopping, is the service most people think of when thinking about tree surgeons. It is the controlled process of cutting down a tree and bringing it to the ground.

We understand that opting to remove a tree might feel overwhelming. Often, clients question whether it’s feasible, especially if the tree is too large or too close to their property. In all such cases, we confidently offer a clear and simple solution.

Tree felling requires careful planning, proper equipment, and skilled execution to ensure safety and minimise environmental impact. It is typically carried out for various reasons, including timber harvesting, hazard mitigation, land clearing, and urban development.

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Our Approach

Our process begins with assessing the tree’s condition, size, location, and surrounding environment.

Our Tree Surgeons in Manchester will develop a clear plan to determine the direction in which the tree should fall to avoid obstacles and minimise risks to both people, buildings, fences and the like. For us, safety measures are paramount.

During tree felling, a series of well-placed cuts are made near the tree’s base. The notch cut is typically made on the side facing the intended falling direction. This cut is followed by the felling cut on the opposite side, which is slightly above the notch’s bottom. Once these cuts are made, the tree begins to lean and fall in the desired direction.


Our skilled and professionally trained chainsaw operators will use wedges and guiding ropes to control the tree’s fall, ensuring it lands precisely where intended.

The falling tree may require additional cuts to prevent it from getting caught in nearby trees or structures, a situation known as “hung up.”

Once the tree is on the ground, it is cut into manageable sections for processing or removal by our team.


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Tree Removal Advice

Inadequate experience and a lack of proper training in tree care practices have the potential lead to serious tree damage or even damage to your property or the people around you.
Always seek professional advice.

Removing large trees is a specialised task that requires professional expertise and often involves several steps:

Assessment, Safety Measures, Tree Felling, Sectioning, Stump Removal and Cleanup.

It is essentially taken down section by section, or if space allows removed all in one go using a crane.

When removing a tree, we can either leave the stump in place, or if needed, use our stump grinder machine and remove the leftover stump upon request.

Nick and his friendly team took down a selection of trees that were growing right up against our house. The whole process, from the initial site visit to the removal was very professional and we are delighted with the result. The team was respectful of our garden and they took great care to leave our garden very tidy.

Sir Kostya Novoselov
Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 2010

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Why Choose Us

We Recycle All of Our Waste

Wood chips and tree waste is converted into biofuels used for heating, and electricity generation as renewable fuel.

Highly Professional

Consistent professionalism, punctuality, and quality define our commitment to maintaining high standards in our work.

Fully Qualified team of experts

Our team is made up of Skilled, NPTC-certified tree surgeons who are trained and expertly qualified in their field.

Respectful and Tidy

Our team prioritises a tidy work environment, ensuring we respect the surroundings during our tasks.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience  working on different sites and settings with the confidence to complete all tasks.

Quality Control

We inspect tools for defects and conduct a thorough site sweep, ensuring nothing is damaged before completion.